About Us

Astigma Productions handles every aspect of your online business, from website design and development to hosting and marketing. Our team is made up of the top talent in the industry to ensure your needs are met. Whether you are looking to start a home-based business or take your Fortune 500 business to the next level, the AP team can help achieve your goals.

The Early Years

Astigma Productions was not started in the typical web development company fashion. We were not a marketing or advertising company that expanded to include website. Astigma Productions started off as a group of investors, primarily domain name investors. We were in the business of buying and selling premium domain names. We would buy entire portfolios, including domains we didn’t particularly care for, to get the premium domains we were after. This lead to a growing collection of domains we could not sell just as domains.

Naturally, Astigma Productions expanded into website development with the idea that less-than-premium domains could be sold if they were developed and established businesses. Astigma Productions was now buying and selling domains and websites, everything from turnkey start ups to fully established and profitable businesses.

Once formulating the recipe for a successful website, Astigma Productions began selling the scripts and software that powered the back end of our successful sites. This expanded our customer base to brand new investors, investors who did not know how to install software or set up a hosting account. Finally, Astigma Productions decided to offer a support option to our customers. We would set up and configure web hosting and install our software and scripts for our clients. After getting requests to install scripts and modify them to fit the customers requirements, a full time design and development team was brought on board, and Astigma Productions became a web development company.

What Makes Us Different

Astigma Productions was built on the foundation of creating online businesses, not websites. Having a web presence does not do any good unless people are going to it. Having a web presence with traffic does not do any good unless that traffic is converted into customers. Every site we create is built with that end goal in mind, not the goal of getting code and graphics onto the web.